CALMUS Automata is a revolutionary software tool for composing and playing diverse music in real time. The software is built on Artificial Intelligence, which enables the user to work independently from any given presumption. It can change musical styles and adapt to different musical trends during the process. It is independent and meant to be used for real time musical creation

CALMUS Automata has a large collection of musical ideas, containing diverse musical examples, and basic musical conceptions that it can use as material for compositions. Furthermore, the application has a large database of diverse compositional methods such as polyphonic, tension in the construction of chords (harmony – discordant), different scales (major, minor, exc.) – and can use all these methods for creating music, even without the involvement of a composer. A composer can however control different parameters and achieve the musical progress and various effects in accordance to the composer’s artistic objectives.

CALMUS AUTOMATA can be controlled with sensors, keyboards, 3D video cameras (Kinect) or any other controllers through UDP (OSC) and TCP (internet). A special feature of the system named AUTOMATA  let the program compose music by it self, it uses the library, construct its own musical material when needed, selects instruments , choose the harmony, etc.  and uses all the functions available in the system to compose  and play its own music in real time.

No other music system in the world can offer the same possibilities for musical creation in real time.

 The Icelandic Center For Reasearch supports Calmus Automata