Thrithraut (Triple Trouble) clarinet trio (CALMUS composition) (1993)

(First performed in Reykjavík, 1993 by the Chalumeoux clarinett trio)

Recording available from RUV Relased on CD 1998: ETCD005

ITM 049-017

Duration: 00:08:42


Monetta violin and piano. (1995) (CALMUS composition) Duration 00:11:56

Relased on CD 1998: ETCD005

ITM  049-020


Meditation no2 wind quintet (1995) (CALMUS composition) Duration 00:06:00

ITM 049-027


Nonet flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violins, viola, cello and DB (1996)

(CALMUS composition) (First performed in at the Nordic Music Days in Reykjavik

1996) Duration: 5.56 Relased on CD 1998: ETCD005

ITM 049-042


 Sextetta  oboe,  bassoon, violins, viola,  cello  (2001)

(CALMUS composition)

(First performed in at the Deutche Oper chamber concert)

Duration: 9.56

Sextetta ll  flute,  bass clarinet, violins, viola,  cello  (2004)

(CALMUS composition) (First performed in at the DarkMusicDays  2005 by CAPUT). Released on  CD 2010: ETCD014.


Calculus II  for flute and piano.(2009) First performed in Reykjavík art Dark Music Days by Martial Nardeau flute and Snorri Sigfús Birgisson piano.

Released on  CD 2010: ETCD014.


StringQ – Mozaik lV (2010) for string quartet Flytjendur: ISO Quartet (Sigrún Eðvaldsdóttir violin, Zbigniew Dubik violin, Helga Þórarinsdóttir viola, Sigurgeir Agnarsson cello) at Dark Music Days 2010. Released on  CD 2010: ETCD014.


 Mozaik V (2011) for saxophone quartet Performed by : the Icelandic Saxophone Quartet at Dark Music Days 2010.


 Mozaik VlS (2011) for piano and tapet Performed by : Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir at Dark Music Days 2011.



Solo pieces

CALCULUS ; solo flute (CALMUS composition) (1990)

(First performed in Reykjavík, 1989 by Manuela Wiesler)

Recording available from RUV *

Recording available on CD from ITM ***

Duration: 00:11:51:

ITM: 049-011     Relased on CD 1998: ETCD005