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24 years background in the software industry in Iceland with emphasis on system analyses, system architecture and programming. After my education in B.S. electronic engineering in Denmark I have worked and enjoyed the evolving of the Icelandic software industry. I started my carrier in computer hardware support and services.

Since then I have being working in the software industry in system programming and support, software development and consulting. System programming experience in dos, unix and windows. Software programming in modula2, Pascal, C, C++, Java and C#/.NET, T-SQL, PL/SQL. Strong focus in databases, both Oracle and SQL Server. For the last 9 years I have mainly focused on development and consulting in the Micrsoft .NET environment. I am certified DBA in Oracle (2000) and MCP in windows programming (2002).

An hobbyiest in sound engineering and 3D CGI in Maya (University of Sussex, UK 2007) in reporduction of earthqueakes in sound and 3D graphics.



  • B.S in computer engineering from Odense University College of Engineering. Note: Finished school in June 1987 but took my last exam in Jan 1988.
  •  Non-degree diploma in business and management from The University in Iceland
  •  MSc Computer Science (Multimedia and Virtual Applications) from University of Sussex , England , UK in 2006-2007


Career History    


Heimilistaeki hf.    1987 -1989

Support engineer

         Hardware and software support of Wang computer and printer products


The Icelandic Meteorology Office   1989-1990

Hardware and software engineer

         Implementation of a Scandinavian project, an earthquake monitoring system in South Iceland Lowlands (Project SIL).

         Hardware implementation of power supplies and A/D converters.

Installation of the system in different places in Iceland.

         Unix system programming for various applications.

         Network programming in X.25/TCP/IP using Netcom API. Data transfer from EQ stations to the central computer using X.25 over TCP.

         This project was cooperation between the University of Iceland, The Icelandic Meteorology Office and Uppsala University in Sweden.


PlusPlus hf. 1990-1996


         Development of a cross-country computer based Fish Auction System in Iceland. This system was used until 2000 as the main fish auction

system in Iceland.

         Linux system and networking programming of auction system, TCP/IP/X.25.

          Programming of RS433 based network protocol for local buyer devices. Programming of Graphical Clock system for buyers

         Development in C,C++ using OOP methodology

         Development of a GPS based Fleet Tracking System which connects through the Imnarsat C satellite network. Icelandic fishing ships were monitored with this system. The system was used for few years monitoring Icelandic Fishing vessels in foreign seas and location of the Icelandic Coast Guard vessels around Iceland.

          Development of custom made Linux based firewall systems sold to customers in Iceland.

         Teaching Unix and networking at the University of Iceland (continuing education courses).


Teymi hf.     1996-2002

Oracle specialist and consultant

         Teymi is the Oracle distributor in Iceland.

         Oracle database support and Consulting.

         PL/SQL programming and schema design for large customers in Iceland.

         1998 – Java programming in customer projects along with Oracle Consulting

         2000 – Managing a java software development team at Teymi.

         Teaching Oracle various Oracle and java courses at Teymi.

         Teaching Unix and networking at the University of Iceland (continuing education courses).


Opin Kerfi ehf.    2002 – 2006

Microsoft Solution Specialist

         Opin Kerfi is a HP distributor in Iceland

         Hired to establish a Microsoft Solution Services for our customers.

         .NET programming of time registration system for HP Service Desk for Íslandsbanki (Icelandic bank)

         Consulting in Microsoft Products such as Sharepoint Portal, Biztalk Server, Project Server, SQL Server, Microsoft CRM and more. Programming assistance in pilot projects for various customers.

          Development of a web-based search engine about Icelandic composers and their compositions.

         Teaching Biztalk entry level course for customers.

         Migration projects between Oracle and SQL Server platforms.

         Integration projects between Microsoft CRM and customer accounting systems.

         Development of an automated hardware claim system for Opin Kerfi, written in .NET/C# and Biztalk.

         Integration project for a large internationally based pharmaceutical company. Integration of identity information between various systems

such as Active Directory, Human Resource and Accounting. Development in .NET/C# using Microsoft Identity Integration Server. Developed a search engine on employee information in



Miracle ehf.   2007-2008

Database Consultant

         Microsoft SQL Server, Sharepoint and Reporting Services at Glitnir

         Microsoft BI (data warehouse implementation)

         Software requirement analyses for customers

         .NET programming


Gagnahnit ehf. (privately owned)    June 2008 – todate

Contractor in IT for different companies in Iceland

         Multimedia programming for Reykjavik Energie in Iceland

         Sharepoint consulting for Actavis

         Multimedia programming for KINE ehf

         Technical assistant in 3D CGI at Caoz ehf

         Database Consultant at Cooori Japanese learning systems

         Consulting and software development (Oracle, MSSQL and .NET) at Islandsbanki hf.

         The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration – Webservice Architecture

        Consulting and software development at Arion Banki from 2012