ErkiTónlist is the producer of CALMUS, an innovative tool for musical compositions that allows you to create and influence music in real time.

CALMUS is a complex composition system based on artificial intelligence for a wide variety of musical composition –  for traditional and digital instruments. The program is a “living digital composing system” that can respond to changes in the compositional process –  in real time. CALMUS is based on collection of musical ideas (library) combined with artificial equations for controlling the composition progress and the methodology which CALMUS operates on, is based on a variety of composition techniques and methodology that span over 500 years in music history – to the present day.


There is no comparable composition system that exists in the world today. It is possible to control individual parameters of composition independently – in real time


  • CALMUS can be controlled wirelessly via UDP and TCP (satellites)
  •  All actions in CALMUS are possible to steer with numerical values ​​- such as with statistics information from the characters and environments in virtual reality (computers – internet), movements (limbs, eye movements) and even brain waves!
  •  It is possible to control CALMUS both  “locally” and “remotely” on server
  •  CALMUS delivers an original musical material in numerical format to suit different format (MIDI OSC etc.)
  •  CALMUS is programmed in Lisp (Clozure CL) and it is possible to translate the code to other platform such as C, iOS, and more ECL (ECL also supports Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Windows – Intel, Sparc, Alpha and PowerPC processor)
  •  CALMUS has been used to compose music for the computer game Eve Online  (CCP)
  • The original CALMUS is part of a Ph.D. from the Sibelius Academy in Finland
  • CALMUS has been used for teaching composition in an innovative way at various academies in Europe and USA
  •  Works composed CALMUS have been played around the world and received a positive reception and awards
  • A diverse collection of musical works have been composed with CALMUS – symphonies, concerts, chamber works, electronic music and music for solo instruments






CALMUS Web is a new compositional web application, based on the CALMUS compositional brain, that enables you to take your composition to another level.

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CALMUS Gaming is an innovative tool for creating and controlling
music within computer games.

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CALMUS Composer



CALMUS Composer creates new possibilities, to be the composer, performer and conductor in real time music composing.

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CALMUS Film is a software tool that enables you to create a film or TV score in the editing room or on set.

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CALMUS Mentor is a game-changer in the training and development of composing professionals.

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Have music composed just for you based on your personality! Get CalmusPlay here for your iPhone or iPad to compose your personal music!

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CALMUS Notation



CALMUS Play and CALMUS Play Free compose music in realtime and can send the musical result to GraphicalNotation to be presented for musical performance.

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CALMUS Waves is a dance project to a new composition created in real-time. It was premiered at Reykjavík Art Festival 2016.

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CALMUS Automata



CALMUS Automata is a revolutionary software tool for composing and playing diverse music in real time.

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Calmus VST is a plug-in that works on all platforms. In all music software that supports VST and AU (Audio Unit) it can be used to compose music directly into the host program (logicPro, Reaper,etc).

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You can read more on the official CALMUS webpage by clicking here.